How to Remove Ads Settings on Google

I did not realize how much information I have been providing to Google until I saw these settings on Google. I think you need to check yours too, just to understand what information is being collected.

For years, we talked about Google listening to our conversations from Google Assistant. We also know that Google collected information when we surfed the Internet on Chrome browser.

However, it did not occur to me the amount of information collected is so much and so “informative”. No wonder their targeted ads can be quite accurate at times.

If you are paranoid, you can stop using Google services. If you can’t live without Google (like me right now), you need to know what have been collected.

You might have forgotten some of them but not Google.

Based on the Google Ad Personalisation website, here is how the ads are being personalized.

Ads are based on personal info that you’ve added to your Google Account, data from advertisers that partner with Google and Google’s estimation of your interests. Choose any factor to learn more or update your preferences.

There is a switch to turn it on or off. And you can go to the individual collected item to turn it on or off.

Click on the item and a pop-up to allow you to turn it off (see below illustration).

I have made a short video on it, including the website and etc. Check it out.

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And here is the website you can check out the details.


I hope that this information is interesting to you. BTW, I did not turn it off as I would rather to have targeted ads than to have random, useless ads. Moreover, Google is not the only one doing it. There are others that are collecting them. In my opinion, it is almost impossible to stop it (unless you don’t log in, use VPN, or incognition mode when surfing the net). What is your take?