StarHub and Linksys Launches the Velop MX4200 WiFi 6 Mesh Router

I was invited to Linksys office to have a look at Linksys’ router, the Linksys Velop MX4200 WiFi 6 Mesh System router. As the name implies, it has WiFi 6 and is also a Mesh router.

Here is the back view of the MX4200.

And here is the close up of the connections available.

The unit itself is quite large. Thankfully, it has a clean look that can blend in with most household decors. Specs-wise, this is what it offers.

Tech Specs

  • Dynamic Backhaul
  • 4×4 MU-MIMO
  • 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • Next-Gen OFDMA Technology
  • Reduce Power Consumption
  • USB 3.0 Port
  • 3x Gigabit LAN + 1 Gigabit WAN
  • Ethernet Ports controlled from the App
  • Handles 40+ Devices
  • Network Standards:
    • WiFi 1 (802.11a), WiFi 2 (802.11b), WiFi 3 (802.11g), WiFi 4 (802.11n), WiFi 5 (802.11ac), WiFi 6 (802.11)


  • WPA 3/WPA2-Personal Encryption
  • SPI firewall
  • Automatic Security Updates
  • Parental Controls
  • Separate Guest Network
  • Linksys App

Speed & Bands

  • Tri-Band AX4200 up to 4.2 Gbps
  • Radio1: 2.4 GHz Band 802.11ax, 600 Mbps
  • Radio2: 5 GHz Band 802.11ax, 1200 Mbps
  • Radio3: 5 GHz Band 802.11ax, 2400 Mbps

If you have previous version of the Velop Mesh Routers, they are compatible. For the launch of this Mesh Router, it is exclusive to StarHub. Here is where you need to listen carefully.

With this exclusive partnership, you will be able to get the Velop MX4200 WiFi 6 mesh router from StarHub at just S$288 (RRP: S$399).

And only at StarHub, you can get it in a single unit. If you buy it from retail shops, you will have to purchase it in a bundle of 2 or 3 (no single unit available).

Here is the StarHub offers.

Pricing and Promo

Smart WiFi Pro – Linksys MX4200 WiFi6 Mesh Router (Price with 7% GST)

  • Recommended Retail Price (U.P.): S$399.00
  • StarHub Promotion Price: S$288.00

Promotion Configuration (price with 7% GST)

Remarks: Cash and carry router purchase for in-contract customer: $288 per unit (via ePOS), available at StarHub Shops and Platinum Shops

And there is one important thing to take note. If you think that money is not a problem and you bought from retail shops, you will NOT be able to enjoy some features exclusive to StarHub (even if you are a StarHub customer).

The partnership between StarHub and Linksys allows StarHub customers to unlock features (DFS – Dynamic Frequency Selection) that is available from sets from StarHub retail/Platinum Shops and not any other retail shops.

This is made clear during the briefing with Linksys and StarHub. So, if you wish to enjoy full features, make sure you purchase the StarHub plans as stated above for full features.

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Check out the Press Release below for more information.

Press Release


  • Singapore customers can now enjoy home WiFi coverage boost with Linksys’ newest Velop MX4200 WiFi 6 mesh router exclusively with StarHub
  • The MX4200 (termed as StarHub Smart WiFi Pro) will be made available free-of-charge with StarHub 2Gbps Fibre broadband plan

SINGAPORE, 2 MARCH 2021 – Singapore consumers can now exclusively enjoy unsurpassed digital experience for work and play at the best value through a deal forged between StarHub, a leading Singapore info-communication and entertainment service provider, and Linksys, a leader in home and business networking and connectivity products.

Both companies today announce the exclusive launch of the Linksys Velop MX4200 WiFi 6 Mesh System router in Singapore. Referred to as StarHub Smart WiFi Pro under the partnership, Linksys’ MX4200 combines Mesh networking and next-generation WiFi 6 technology for coverage, low latency and speed – offering the best of two worlds for an unrivalled home broadband experience.

StarHub is proud to present the Smart WiFi Pro (Usual price: $399) at no extra cost for customers who sign up for or renew their StarHub 2Gbps Fibre Broadband plans. Other StarHub Fibre Broadband customers can purchase this router at $0 upfront cost on an instalment plan from as low as $12 monthly.

The fastest WiFi 6 speed

Operating on the next-generation WiFi 6 standard with built-in Linksys Intelligent Mesh™ technology, the MX4200 delivers gigabit WiFi speeds for customers to enjoy faster streaming and downloading across multiple devices; up to four times the speed and capacity as compared to the previous WiFi 5 standard. Additionally, it is also the optimal router for gamers, who can take advantage of its ultra-low latency features for lower ping time*.

The router is the newest addition to Linksys’ growing WiFi 6 portfolio that promises delivery of true gigabit WiFi speeds, flexibility, scalability and interoperability. It can cover up to one to three bedrooms per node† and is designed to manage the demands of up to 40 devices per node all sharing the same bandwidth.

“Lifestyles have changed considerably, and the home is now a more integrated live-work-play space. Home broadband quality has undoubtedly become a vital consideration among customers, who want products and services that can deliver optimal performance for everyone in the household,” said Mr Yann Courqueux, Vice President of Home Product, StarHub. “In partnership with Linksys, we are pleased to offer customers a powerful WiFi 6 mesh router to address connectivity challenges, from WiFi dead spots to traffic congestion. Without having to worry about putting a strain on the connection of other members in their household, our customers can enjoy unbridled freedom in simultaneously streaming, downloading, gaming, and surfing, making for an unmatched experience that is only available with StarHub.”

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“Throughout 2020, we have witnessed how pivotal stable connection is for every household as the modern world shifts to normalise home-based learning and working from home,” said Jenny Ng, General Manager for Asia, Linksys. “400 million Southeast Asians – nearly 70 percent of the population – are now online[1]. In Singapore alone, 90 percent of the population are connected online[2]. This increase means demand for faster internet connection will only continue to grow exponentially. Through this partnership with StarHub, we believe that our WiFi 6 offerings will successfully meet consumers’ demand for next generation ultra-high-speed router technology.”

Paired with a StarHub Fibre Broadband plan, the MX4200 is the ideal home broadband solution for households who are increasingly managing wireless bandwidth between smartphones, tablets, and other devices needed for work-from-home and home-based learning. On top of that, customers will enjoy 12 months of Disney+ on StarHub for the ultimate entertainment experience.

Additional product features:

  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 – Built with the latest generation WiFi technology and security standards set by the Wi-Fi Alliance, WiFi 6 certification ensures increased capacity, device battery life and network safety for customers and their devices.
  • Future-Ready WiFi – Linksys Intelligent Mesh is the only mesh system that’s interoperable with its entire portfolio. It’s flexible and scalable so consumers can expand their network as needs grow, with a simple addition of any Linksys mesh node/router.
  • Qualcomm Networking Pro 800 platform – With 8 streams of tri-band WiFi 6 connectivity, and a 64-bit 1.4GHz Quad-Core ARM processor powering dynamic data processing and management, the Velop MX4200 provides game-changing network advancements that enhance efficiency, range and power consumption and deliver more capacity for online gaming, video calls and meetings, and 8K streaming on their devices.
  • Tri-band dynamic backhaul – Unlike some mesh systems that use a dedicated backhaul and limit the number of bands that the user can connect to, Linksys uses a dynamic backhaul, allowing access to all 3 bands throughout the home. Linksys’ dynamic backhaul technology chooses the best band to connect between nodes.

Pricing & Availability

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The MX4200 router is bundled free with StarHub 2Gbps Fibre broadband plan and a 2-year warranty.

For more information on StarHub Smart WiFi Pro, please visit

About Linksys

Linksys has pioneered wireless connectivity since 1988, being the first router brand to ship 100 million units worldwide. Recognized for its legacy in mesh hardware and award-winning Velop motion sensing software portfolio, Linksys enables a connected lifestyle with simplified home and business control, enhanced security and seamless, frustration-free WiFi. Linksys products are sold in more than 60 countries.

About StarHub

StarHub is a leading homegrown Singapore company that delivers world-class communications, entertainment and digital solutions. With our extensive fibre and wireless infrastructure and global partnerships, we bring to people, homes and enterprises quality mobile and fixed services, a broad suite of premium content, and a diverse range of communication solutions. We develop and deliver to corporate and government clients solutions incorporating artificial intelligence, cyber security, data analytics, Internet of Things and robotics. We are committed to conducting our business in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Listed on the Singapore Exchange mainboard, StarHub is a component stock of the SGX Sustainability Leaders Index and the SGX Sustainability Leaders Enhanced Index. It has also been included in ESG-focused FTSE4Good Index Series. Find us at, or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.

*Available via software update. The software will become available in the later part of 2021.

†Actual ranges will vary depending on wireless obstructions, operating environments and building material. Wireless coverage claims are used only as reference and are not guaranteed, as each wireless network is unique

[1] Google, Temasek Holdings and Bain & Company, e-Conomy SEA 2020 report, At full velocity: Resilient and racing ahead

[2] DataReportal, Digital 2021: Singapore