COVID-19 Vaccination Registration Website Up but You will Need to Wait

COVID-19 vaccination in Singapore has started some time ago starting with the healthcare and frontline workers getting vaccinated. Now, senior citizens are next in line. The registration website is also available. However, you should not get excited yet if you are below 70 years old.

To register for vaccination, you need to receive the invitation letter first. Currently, senior citizens above 70 years old will get to go first (from 22nd February). And from mid-March, seniors from 60 – 69 years old will get the invitation.

Singapore is doing this vaccination programme in a very systematical way, starting from the most vulnerable to the least (in terms of age group).

Some heatlh advisory about the vaccination.

Full COVID-19 vaccination consists of two doses

  • Choose a vaccination location and two time slots, 21 to 28 days apart
  • Schedule other vaccines at least 2 weeks apart

COVID-19 vaccine is currently not recommended for

  • Pregnant women
  • Children below 16 years of age
  • Persons with a severely compromised immune system (e.g. active cancer / on cancer treatment, on other immunotherapy for non-cancer conditions, have HIV infection with CD4 < 200)
  • Persons with a history of severe allergic reactions

From 22nd Feb, there will be 14 vaccination centres. And eventually, there will be around 40 vaccination centres, with each vaccination centre planned for an estimated capacity of 2,000 vaccinations per day.

Right now, for those that are still waiting, stay safe!