Boston Dynamics Spot Enterprise Has New Features

Boston Dynamics has hosted a virtual event to introduce the upgraded Spot, which is now called Spot Enterprise. It is now capable of self-docking, operates remotely via “SCOUT” software, has 30x optical camera system and a variant version with an arm.

Spot Enterprise

Spot Enterprise has a few new tricks. It is now capable of self-docking to charge itself. It is now able to be remotely controlled using a browser-based “SCOUT” program. And with the camera setup, it has 30x optical zoom capability, thermal imaging and microphone to pick up audio.

Check out the video below.

Spot Arm

This is not the first time you saw Spot with arm. However, this arm is an enhanced version that does a few things – Maneuver (grap objects), Inspect (with built-in 4K camera) and Manipulate (turns valves, flip levers, open doors and etc).

BTW, the arm is now versatile enough for the robots to perform rope-skipping. Check out the video.

Overall, Boston Dynamics is on its way to getting these robots to become useful in real-life situations.

I believe by listening to their customers, and stable technology, Spot is going to be everywhere.

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