How to Move Your Chat from WhatsApp to Telegram

Recently, WhatsApp announced that they are changing their terms and policy and people think might cause privacy issues. Because of this, many started to move away from WhatsApp.

Although WhatsApp’s decision is for “Business on WhatsApp” accounts, people are worried about privacy issues when communicating to such accounts, especially WhatsApp is owned by Facebook who loves to use targeted advertisement.

Even with assurance from WhatsApp that they cannot read your messages or hear your call because they are encrypted on both sides, many did not buy it and started to migrate to Telegram and other messaging apps like Signal. Eventually, WhatsApp put on-hold these new terms and policy change.

I know that many of us are invested in WhatsApp with many chats that are so precious and almost impossible to delete away. Telegram has stepped up the game by introducing a new feature to migrate your chat from popular chat messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk to Telegram.

It is a very simple process. Here is how you can do it.

Basically, it copies your chat information and input into a selected Telegram account.

I urged you to watch that video before you move because not everything chat is successful. Skip to the 2.29 mark to watch the part that I failed to move the content.

WhatsApp is trying hard to “educate” the mass that they are not eavesdropping on our conversations or reading the messages. Here is a simple picture that WhatsApp put up to explain.

Will you stop using WhatsApp after this?