Singapore Capable to Produce Melt Blown Filter for Face Masks

Recently, I talked about a diamond-cutting tool company making melt-blown filter. Now, we received another news that ST Engineering is making its own melt-blown filter that exceeds ASTM Level 2 criteria.

Here is the ASTM F2100 LEVEL 2 Standard specification for surgical masks.

Based on the news, ST engineering has achieved 99.9% for BFE using its locally manufactured filter.

Why is this a news?

Last year, during the start of the pandemic, we lack face masks. Our Government acted on it and bought in machines to produce the face masks in Singapore.

As you may or may not know, in a 3-ply face mask, the center ply is the filter and is the most important material of a face mask. Singapore has to source for this melt-blown polypropylene filter.

Now, with this announcement, it means that Singapore has become less reliant on overseas suppliers. We can now produce the melt blown filter locally at a very high standard.

Based on the information, this new filter which is lighter and more breathable. It will be incorporated to the surgical mask in “the next few months”. Currently, ST Engineering’s Air+ Surgical Mask is being sold with ASTM Level 2 protection too.

I am not sure if they will let consumer knows the differences or not. In my opinion, it is not important and unnecessary.