Huawei to Announce HUAWEI Mate40 Series in October Event

Huawei has officially announced that it will be hosting the HUAWEI Mate40 Series event on the 22nd October at 8pm China time. This might be the most interesting event for Huawei this year.

Technically, I saw this from Richard Yu’s Weibo.

No matter what people think about Huawei, Huawei is still around to make quality handphones. This is what I derived after using a few years of using their handphones. They are way ahead of the competition until the ban made by the US.

In fact, I think a few brands might miss the competitions that Huawei has brought to them to improve one another’s products.

Nevertheless, the ban is here to stay and this will be a challenging time for Huawei. Their Harmony OS may sound nice but it is untested, unlike the Android platform. Apps are king for any OS now. Without developers’ support or users to use these apps internationally, Harmony OS might just be like previous OSes (i.e. Windows Phone OS, BlackBerry) that are gone for good.

Thankfully, China’s domestic market is big and supportive of Huawei. For years, they don’t need Android or any apps outside China to go around their daily life. So, I am sure Huawei can survive in the domestic market.

However, with so much investment that they have done over the years, it will be a waste for them or consumers just because of the trade war. You might not agree with me and think that Huawei is spying on anyone using the handphones. I think this is the same for any platform. When we start using them, they start collecting data. The only differences now is whether Huawei shared this data with any government bodies or not.

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I am not here to speculate but just to share my view that a good phone maker has to go through this rough time due to something political. It is such a shame that many cannot enjoy what Huawei can offer.

Let me know your views.

In the meanwhile, I will be watching Huawei unveiling the HUAWEI Mate40 Series online.