BHG Engages Digital Virtual Influencer Ava to Promote In-House Labels

Influencers, should you be worried? BHG has engaged digital virtual influencer, Ava Lee-Graham, for the launch of their new in-house labels.

As you already know, Ava only lives in the digital world. She has her own Instagram account and promotes products, just like most influencers.

She is taking over the BHG Instagram account for the next few weeks to promote these labels. Check them out.

And here is another one.

Some background of Ava provided by BHG.

Ava Lee-Graham is your forever 22-year old virtual influencer known for her gender-fluid style. While believing that style should be a reflection of your inner self, Ava ensures that comfort in her outfits are never compromised. Unafraid of sharing her opinions on social issues important to her, Ava is confident, self-aware and doesn’t conform to outdated female stereotypes or societal pressures.

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