106 Singaporean Films and Series on Netflix from 1st Aug

Netflix members are in for a treat this coming August. Netflix will be showcasing shows related to Singapore for members to enjoy this National Day and beyond. This is made possible through partnerships with local studios Clover Films, Mediacorp, MM2 Entertainment, and Memento Films.

Here are the films and series related to Singapore on Netflix from 1st Aug 2020.

Full list of row titles for Singapore, Now Streaming collection (Starts 1 Aug) (*Singapore shows only)

Full list of row titles for Singapore UI Takeover (Starts 1 Aug) (*Global shows only)

Singapore Films and Series Netflix release schedule

August 1, 2020:

Ah Boys to Men II, Bring Back The Dead, Singapore Dreaming, Old Cow Vs Tender Grass, King of Mahjong, Where Got Ghost, Meeting The Giant, Just Follow Law, Love Cuts, Love Matters, The Maid, It’s A Great Great World, Perfect Rivals, The Best Bet, I Not Stupid Too, Dance Dance Dragon, The
Wedding Diary, Ghost Child, The Ghost Must Be Crazy, Homerun, I Not Stupid, 12 Lotus, I Do I Do, Rubbers, The Leap Years, Forever, Ilo Ilo, Already Famous, Wanton Mee, Banting, 12 Storeys, Kallang Roar the Movie, 3 Peas in a Pod, Be With Me, Sayang Disayang, 881, Kidnapper, Gone Shopping, 18
Grams Of Love (Previously 8 Aug)

August 8, 2020:

Sandcastle, My Magic, Mee Pok Man, Money No Enough, Money No Enough Too, Gurushetram – 24 Hours Of Anger, The Teenage Textbook Movie, Wok of Life (Removed), The Tree, Liang Po Po The Movie, In The Room, Two Boys And A Mermaid, Taxi Taxi, Ah Long Pte Ltd, The Songs We Sang
(Previously indicated as ‘The Songs That We Sang’) , Tatsumi, The Truth About Jane and Sam, Growing Up, The Price of Peace, Bunga Tanjong, Teochew family, The Wedding Game, Vijayanthi, The Matchmaker’s Match, Best of Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd

August 15, 2020:

To Madam With Love, Santa The Happy Ghost, Best of Don’t Worry Be Happy, Somewhere In Time, Spirit On Wheels

August 30, 2020:

The Unbeatables I, The Unbeatables II, Unbeatables III, Best of Under One Roof, The Best of The Noose, Growing Up Season 2, Growing Up Season 3

September 15, 2020:

Vettai S1, Best of Right Frequency, Immortal Love, Just In Singapore, Mystery I, Hainan Kopi Tales, Metamorphosis, Morning Express I, The Legend Ji Gong (Newly Added)

September 30, 2020:

Aduh Bibikku Sr 1, Aduh Bibikku Sr 2, Return of the Condor Heroes, The Champion, Stepping Out, Vettai S2 (Previously 15 Sep), Morning Express II (Previously 15 Sep), Mystery II (Previously 15 Sep)

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October 15, 2020:

Vettai S3 (Previously 15 Sep) , The Legendary Swordsman, Legends of The Eight Immortals, The New Adventures Of Wisely, The Return of Royal Monk, The Guest People, The Royal Monk, The Golden Pillow

October 30, 2020:

The Witty Advisor, Wild Orchids, Vive La Famile, Zero to Hero, Tofu Street, Beautiful Connection

Read the Press Release for more information.

Press Release


106 nostalgic and classic Singaporean films and series landing on Netflix from Aug 1

Singapore – July 27, 2020 – Netflix announced today that 106 Singapore-made films and series will launch progressively on the service starting August 1, for members to enjoy this National Day and beyond. This is made possible through partnerships with local studios Clover Films, Mediacorp, MM2 Entertainment and Memento Films.

Enjoy classic films such as the award-winning I lo Ilo, I Not Stupid, Homerun, 881 and Ah Boys to Men II along with well-loved series like P hua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, Growing Up, Under One Roof, The Noose, The Unbeatables and Bunga Tanjong. This is in addition to existing Singapore titles on Netflix such as Shirkers , A Yellow Bird, A Land Imagined, Ah Boys to Men, and Revenge of the Pontianak as well as a selection of Mediacorp dramas.

“I’m always heartened by opportunities to introduce my work to new audiences. It’s been seven years after the first release of l lo Ilo and I hope the film will continue to touch the hearts of audiences in Singapore and across the region, especially if they are seeing it for the first time,” said Anthony Chen, Director of I lo Ilo.

“I am very happy that many of my movies will be available on Netflix! These are some of my proudest works, and many of them have been box-office hits. However, as these movies were made more than 10 years ago, our young audience today may not have had the chance to watch them.

With these movies being available on Netflix, I hope we can now reach out to both the young audience and a wider audience. To me, it is also important to showcase how the Singapore film industry has evolved over the years, and how we could create good, well-received movies under challenging conditions back then. I feel that with Netflix supporting local movies, it will be win-win for both Netflix and the entire Singapore film
industry!” Jack Neo, Director of films such as I Not Stupid, Homerun and Ah Boys to Men.

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“It’s the 25th anniversary of Zhao Wei films and we hope that the relaunch of our titles will find a place in the hearts of a whole new generation,” said Eric Khoo, Director and Founder of Zhao Wei Films.

“We are very pleased to work with Netflix in bringing over 50 local movies to its subscribers. With the support Netflix has given to the Singapore movie industry, it is heartening to see our local movies being able to reach a wider audience through their platform. We also thank all directors, producers and talents who have entrusted us with their movies, and hope that through this partnership with Netflix, the great movies that our local industry has created over the years will become more accessible to Singaporeans!” Lim Teck, Managing Director, Clover Films

“We are proud to showcase our local stories to a broader base of regional Netflix subscribers this National Day. This partnership points to the value we continue to place on content collaborations in powering audience engagement, both in and beyond Singapore. We are confident that Netflix users will be captivated by our curation of Singaporean tales told by Singaporean talent, and hope this taste of our uniquely local flavours will encourage new and existing audiences to explore the extensive array of wonderful work we have to offer,” said Jesslyn Wong, Vice President of Content Distribution, Mediacorp.

“As a Singaporean growing up with a lot of these classic shows and films myself, I am incredibly excited to enrich the Netflix catalog with these best-in-class Singaporean stories that are made in Singapore, by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans, to celebrate this National Day,” said Raphael Phang, content acquisition manager for Southeast Asia at Netflix. “By making these titles easily accessible through Netflix, we hope that it will reignite the joy they’ve brought to many Singaporeans over the decades, but more importantly introduce these great works of art by some of the best local filmmakers to the younger generations.”

Mr Joachim Ng, Director, Singapore Film Commission said “The bringing together of Singapore stories and featuring them on Netflix’s global OTT platform is a great way to applaud our Singaporean creators and content. Launching this during our 55th National Day is a wonderful birthday present to the nation. I hope that these stories continue to encourage
and comfort Singaporeans everywhere in the world, amidst these extraordinary times. Thank you to Netflix and our Singapore producers for making this possible.”

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A Uniquely Singaporean Experience on Netflix

In order for members to easily find their beloved Singaporean stories, Netflix will exclusively be housing both its upcoming and existing Singapoream films and series under a special “Singapore, Now Streaming” collection ( www.netflix.com/sgnowstreaming ) starting August 1. Netflix viewers can simply enter “SG Now Streaming” into the search bar to access this list.

Additionally for a limited time and only in Singapore, viewers will see a variety of fun Sing-lish renditions of their favourite Netflix rows:

  1. Set In Singapore — Global shows and films that feature Singapore
  2. Could Have Happened In Yishun — Horror films
  3. Indoor Paktor — Romance
  4. Sayang Hae Yo — K-drama and K-romance
  5. Why You So Action — Action shows
  6. Sedap till Shiok — Food shows
  7. Haji Lane Hipness — Fashion Shows
  8. That Atas Life — Luxury homes, or Fashion shows
  9. No Need To Chope Leave — Travel, or Exploration shows

Celebrating National Day with Lasalle College of the Arts

Netflix will also be partnering with LASALLE College of the Arts to reimagine iconic scenes from a few of the classic titles. Students were invited to interview a member of the older generation to share their recollections and anecdotes about these favourite local stories, and in turn recreate a poster which will be featured on Netflix Singapore’s Instagram page.

About Netflix:

Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with 193 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume
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