What’s Inside the Singapore Together Pack?

I have just collected the Singapore Together Pack. It has quite a number of items that are useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. The reusable bag can be folded into a neat package.

Check out the content in this video, and how you can use two methods to fold the reusable bag.

Here is the content. I am happy that they provided 2 sets of single-use surgical mask from Air+ (2 each) and 4 reusable masks (can use up to 30 times each). You can see the list of items from this post.

Here is the design of the reusable mask. I may wear it on Singapore National Day.

You can also get one Singapore flag if you want. I am contented with this.

I guess this should be one of the most special Singapore National Day since 1965. There will be no major events and the actual day event is scaled down.

You can still collect the Singapore Together Pack until 5th August. Do remember to check the nearest location.

I believe it is no longer available at RCs. Instead, you need to go to your nearest Community Clubs to collect. Have fun!