Circles.Life Introduces eSIM Option for Users

Circles.Life is rolling out eSIM. If you have eSIM-compatible devices, you can get one now (new or existing users). If you are a Circles.Life user and you need another line, this eSIM might be a better option.

BTW, there is a limited offer right now. The first 1,000 users who sign up now can get 20GB more on top of their base plan.

There are 2 plans to choose from (20GB or 100GB plan) depending on your needs. Here is a simple infographic on why you should get the eSIM.

Currently, due to COVID-19 pandemic, it is better not to visit crowded place. The Circles.Life eSIM is a perfect way to avoid them.

BTW, this is not a SafeEntry to anywhere. It is a QR code link to the eSIM official site. I have placed the hyperlink below if you need to access it.

You can click here to enter the Circles.Life eSIM site.

Read the Press Release for more details.

Press Release

Circles.Life Launches The Fastest, Safest Way To Get A New Phone Line in Singapore

The telco’s new eSIMs give users a way to instantly activate and experience a 100% contact-free solution to SIM registration

SINGAPORE, 21 July, 2020 – Circles.Life, Singapore’s most recommended telco, is making both social distancing and working from home easier with the launch of its eSIM. From today, anyone can sign up for an eSIM online without needing to wait for a physical SIM or offline verification by a third party.

The new product allows users to seamlessly toggle between their physical and eSIM accounts, giving them the option of a secondary line for either work or personal use, along with the best data plan. Research conducted by the telco indicates that 31% of those surveyed selected their phone model based on eSIM compatibility functions and 62% of the group expressed interest in adding a personal phone line to their smartphones with an eSIM.

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New and existing customers can purchase the eSIM for selected iOS and android devices, or sync it with wearable devices. New users do not need to have a Circles.Life physical SIM to activate their eSIMs. In fact, they don’t need a physical SIM at all. Circles.Life eSIMs are compatible with any existing physical SIM or can be used to activate a phone line on a new device that does not already have an existing physical SIM. The best part – users can have their eSIM verified and ready for use in as few as three minutes. The product offers virtual activation via facial recognition & MyInfo integration.

“We’re proud to elevate Circles.Life’s offerings and continue giving users different experiences that suit their everyday needs. We’ve worked with relevant partners keeping the current pandemic in mind, so users can easily activate their accounts in the comfort of their homes, without going out or needing a physical third person verification,” said Siddarth Chaturvedi, Singapore Market Lead for Circles.Life.

Circles.Life will offer the base plan with the option of add-ons or boosts, such as the physical SIM. The first 1,000 users to sign up get an additional 20GB data on top of their base plan!

Circles.Life is focused on giving power back to people through a better experience across both it’s telco and lifestyle verticals. Circles.Life recently announced a digital partnership with Sistic and AXA as a driver to amp up the lifestyle and financial services initiatives. These services, available for all Circles.Life and non-Circles.Life users can be accessed through the Circles.Life app.

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  1. Users no longer have to receive a physical SIM
  2. Users can seamlessly toggle between their first sim and their eSIM
  3. Users can activate their eSIMs instantly
  4. The first 1,000 users to sign up to get an additional 20GB of data

Please visit for more information or watch our FAQ video here.

About Circles.Life

Founded in Singapore in 2016, Circles.Life is a personalized digital service that is re-imagining how mobile telecom services can be offered with a truly differentiated business model, technology stack, and approach to product development. At the core of Circles.Life’s unique business model is Circles-X, a proprietary technology stack that delivers a highly flexible and completely digital customer experience across the entire customer service journey. Circles-X’s smart analytics and API-based platform supports easy third-party integration with a range of partners, from e-commerce, entertainment and transit companies, and also allows Circles.Life to develop their own offerings. Some of the company’s recent digital lifestyle produces include Discover, an AI-driven mobile events app, and Ride for Rewards, a tie-up with Singapore’s EZ Link contactless transit smart card that allows commuters earn points that can be redeemed from a range of partners, including Foodpanda, as well as extra data from Circles.Life.

Circles.Life has garnered more than 5% of Singapore’s mobile subscriber market share, making it the country’s fastest-growing telco. Circles.Life has more than 400 employees in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangalore (data and R&D center), Taiwan, and Australia.