Review: Darth Gill Mask, a Reusable Respirator

My limited edition Darth Gill Mask has finally arrived. I have pre-ordered it in May and it finally arrived in June. BTW, Gill Mask is a reusable respirator mask designed and developed in Singapore.

I have done a short video on it, basically to share with you how I felt wearing it and if wearing spectacles, sunglasses are ok or not.

I must say that the cutting of the surgical mask to make the filter needs some practice as the ones shown in the video are ugly.


The Darth Gill Mask is basically a Gill Mask in black color. The original white Gill Mask has been around since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the start of the pandemic, surgical masks are like gold. You can’t get them easily. The Gill Mask is designed and produced to fill the gap. It makes use of just 1/6 of a surgical mask but yet functions better than a surgical mask. In short, with Gill Mask, you can extend up the usage of a standard surgical mask by 6 times.


Inside the box, there is the Gill Mask and an extra cartridge for the filter. There is nothing fanciful about the package. There is not even an instruction inside the package. All instructions and information are printed on the outside of the box.

There is no filter on the cartridges. You will need to prepare them by cutting a clean surgical mask and install them into the cartridge (check out the video on how I do it).


The strap on the mask is adjustable. Do adjust it accordingly when you wear the Gill Mask.

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My first impression on the Gill Mask after wearing it for 5 minutes is that it is very difficult to breathe with it. You can hear me saying that in my video a few times.

However, after wearing a while, I felt OK and quite comfortable. Conclusion is that I need to get use to it.

If you are wearing spectacles, you do have to consider. The Gill Mask is bulky when compared to a surgical mask. If you have spectacles with a small frame, it should be ok. However, if you are wearing spectacles with a large frame, it may not sit properly.

FYI, the sunglasses (shown below) is not sitting nicely on the bridge of my nose.

Other than this, the Gill Mask fits quite comfortably on the face, thanks to the soft medical grade silicone. Unlike a surgical mask where it is basically covering your nose and mouth, the Gill Mask is not touching them. Therefore, you might feel more comfortable.

However, there is one thing that you have to take note of. It will leave a mark on the face if you wear it for some time. For ladies with makeup, I really don’t recommend you to use it.

Finally, if you need to wear a mask and talk frequently, this mask might not be a good choice as the tight seal will muffle your voice. You may need to raise your voice for people to hear you when wearing one.

I wish they could provide a simple carrier to put the Gill Mask and the extra cartridge as it is bulky. Maintenance-wise, the Gill Mask can be clean with a mild detergent in warm water or you can dip it into boiling water for two minutes.

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I bought the Darth Gill Mask from Myshopify (official store) at S$29.50. Delivery is an additional S$4.29.

Click Here For More Information on the Darth Gill Mask

or follow this link to Gill Mask official site.