Activate Phone Camera from HUAWEI WATCH GT2 with Remote Shutter Feature

Huawei has been constantly updating its HUAWEI Watch GT2 with new features. One of the latest features is the Remote Shutter that allows you to activate the camera on your phone with the watch.

Check out how it works.

The firmware is version and in order to use this feature, your phone must be EMUI 10.1 and above.

Here are the details of the firmware update.

Once updated, the Remote Shutter featured will appear on the watch. Click on it will activate the camera on the phone. Press the shutter icon on the watch and the phone camera will take a picture within 2 secs (or 5 secs depending on the setting). Here is a shot of it when it is done.

Some might find it useful. BTW, you can also use it for video taking. Just select your phone camera to video mode before pressing the shutter on the watch.

Have Fun, Stay Home!

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