A Way to Boost Local F&B Businesses during COVID-19 Pandemic

F&B owners, here is a way to help to boost your business during the Circuit Breaker, no thanks to COVID-19 pandemic. Shopee has joined hands with Unilever Food Solutions, a leading foodservice supplier with brands such as Knorr, Best Foods, and Lipton, on 18th May to connect more local F&B businesses to hungry consumers, at no additional cost.

As we are in the midst of the pandemic, one thing is for sure. The landscape of future businesses is going to be taking a drastic change. We have seen online businesses remain unaffected or even flourish during this period.

With this in mind, Shopee together with Unilever Food Solutions wants more F&B businesses to be online. Aside from removing sign-up fees and keeping transaction fees at an all-time low, Shopee aims to facilitate the transition online by providing these value-added services:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Added homepage exposure
  • Free advertising credits for sellers to utilise at their discretion 

This is part of Shopee’s involvement in the ongoing #UFSunitesFnB movement by Unilever Food Solutions. #UFSunitesFnB aims to pool together and empower the local F&B community by connecting them to the optimal online platform and auxiliary services to facilitate their transition online. Suki-Ya, Bangkok Jam, and Lao Huo Tang are among several household F&B names who have since joined this campaign.

You can find out more information about the campaign here. The steps seem straightforward and it might some F&B businesses in this trying time.

Click Here to Check Out Shopee x Unilever Food Solutions

Remember to stay safe and stay home during this Circuit Breaker period.