Boston Dynamics Spot Performing Duties in Singapore

If you are going to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park these two weeks, you might see a 4 legged robot walking around the park to advise people to maintain a safe distance in this COVID-19 pandemic.

This robot is none other than Spot from Boston Dynamics. I love their robots. The Spot that is patrolling in Singapore park is equipped with cameras. It is operated by an operator and the advantage of Spot is that it can walk on different terrain. Check out the video.

During the trial, NPark personnel will follow it to ensure that everything is okay. One of the purposes to deploy Spot is that it helps to reduce or eliminate human interaction when advising the public to maintain social distancing.

This is not the first time Spot is being deployed during the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore. It is also present at the Singapore Expo helping to deliver medicine to COVID-19 patients. In fact, there are a variety of robots helping out performing different tasks.

And here is one that encourage you to go home instead of loitering in the park.

I guess the COVID-19 pandemic has really force Governments to use technology to reduce the risk of infection through human interaction. I foresee more robots will be deployed in various sectors in Singapore even though we have already seen quite a number of them pre-pandemic – Hotels, coffee shops, Airport, hospitals, and more.