Singapore to Distribute Free Reusable Cloth Facemask via Vending Machines

Singapore is going to distribute its third round of free facemask for residents here. This time, you can even collect it via a vending machine.

With the COVID-19 cases passing the 20,000 mark here in Singapore, the Government is going to distribute this new improved facemask towards the end of the extended Circuit Breaker.

The new facemask will have better protective qualities and more comfortable to wear for extended period of time. It is reusable up to 30 times and has better bacterial filtration.

Here is a video on how you can collect the facemask via the vending machine.

Kudos to the one who has thought of using vending machine to collect facemask. It serves two purposes – avoiding social interaction and you can collect it anytime you like.

With vending machines, hopefully lesser manpower is needed to distribute these facemasks.

BTW, the usual channels to collect the facemask are still available.

Looking forward to receiving it soon.

Stay Safe, Stay Home!


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