How to Report Someone Who Is Not Observing Safe Distancing

Singapore registered the highest count of COVID-19 cases yesterday (386 cases in a day). As a citizen, I think it is about time to do our part to ensure that we observe Social Distancing or Safe Distancing at all times.

There is no easy way to tell a person or an establishment without getting yourself into an argument or resistance. There are safe safe distancing ambassadors that can advise or remind you but they are not always there. Now, as a citizen, you can do your part too.

Singapore Government has an OneService App (available on Apple App Store or Google Playstore) where you can search for facilities to book, submit a case if there are issues or problems in your neighborhood.

With the on-going pandemic, OneService app has added a “Safe Distancing” option in “Submit Case”. So, if you see someone or some establishment committing the act (of not following the at least 1-meter rule of Social Distancing), you can report (or Bao Toh) it in this app.

In this challenging period, everyone needs to understand that in order for Circuit Breaker to work, we need to function as a circuit breaker to avoid “connection” to anyone except your own family members living in the same household.

Today is Day 8. Stay safe everyone! Wear a mask if you go out as it is now compulsory and NOT an option. I really don’t this CB to be extended. We can do this!