Day 4 of CB – Interesting Things to Do

Day 4 of Circuit Breaker aka CB in Singapore. The latest clusters are dormitories where our FW (Foreign Workers) are housed. The Government is doing its best to segregate and perform swab tests on them to determine who has been infected by the COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the results are not looking good. We had 287 cases yesterday, largely from these dormitories. Today, we have 198 cases and again pointed towards these workers.

However, please do not start pointing fingers at them saying that they should go back and etc, etc. They are the ones that help us to perform tasks that most Singaporeans choose to avoid. They are the one work day and night to fix the road and build the infrastructure of Singapore. They did not choose the virus. The virus chooses them. In a week or so, more people will be infected because more people will be diagnosed in those clusters. We should do our part to stay home and away from everyone.

Ok, enough of my rant after reading these two days worth of finger-pointing. Now, for some light-hearted moment.

Someone has built a website just for CB. It is called the I am a CCB (Community Circuit Breaker). On this website, you can see a lot of good links that were being curated (like this post but more fun). And it has a clock to tell you the Day of CB, and the date and time.

Go Check CB Out if You Are Bored

And because of CB, I received a lot of WhatsApp. I guess everyone just has not many things to do at home. Some of them are good.

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Here is a link for those who need Government’s help

And here is a PDF with lots of good links from Relationship Studio. I got it from a WhatsApp group and is not affiliated with them.

Click Here to Download from Dropbox