HUAWEI P40 Unboxing and Golden Snap Features

With the COVID-19 situation getting worse, and Singapore activated the “Circuit Breaker” which is, in my opinion, between Dorscon Orange and Dorscon Red. Stay safe everyone! and stay indoor and wear a mask when you are outside (only for essential trips)!

Thanks to Huawei, I was provided a review unit of the HUAWEI P40. Check out my unboxing video. And also check out how I “removed” passerby and reflection with the touch of a button.

The HUAWEI P40 and P40 Pro will be on sale from tomorrow (4th April 2020).

In this first look, I will not be talking about HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) or the absence of GMS (Google Mobile Services). Instead, I will just be showing you some features of the P40.

Here are the three colors of the HUAWEI P40. I love the Silver Frost. It should be the highlight of this P40 series. I don’t know how to explain it but it just feels nice and very different from other colors.

And here is the front-facing camera – a fixed 32 MPX camera.

And here is a picture to compare the HUAWEI P40 Pro and the HUAWEI P40.

Top: HUAWEI P40 Pro, Bottom: HUAWEI P40

The most significant difference is the cameras. The P40 Pro has a Quad Camera configuration while the P40 has a Triple Camera configuration.

And here is something that was not often mentioned. The P40 comes with Super Macro feature which is not found on the P40 Pro.

BTW, I love the Macro lens on the HUAWEI P40.

Here are some shots (unedited except to reduce the picture size and add in watermark) taken with a P40 using the Super Macro mode.

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Looks super authentic, right?

And here is a hand to show you the actual sizes of the yummy food (in ceramic though).

And there are two features that are very awesome. They are the Golden Snap “Remove Passerby” and Golden Snap “Remove Reflection”.

If you snap a picture with someone walking around the main subjects, the AI will recognize these people as “passerby” and will swiftly remove them from the picture.

This is the end result.

Do note that “Moving Picture” needs to be activated for the Golden Snap “Remove Passerby” to work. And also note that the AI might not recognize if the person is not moving behind the background. Finally, it can only remove a person behind the subject and NOT in front of them.

As for the “Remove Reflection” feature, you can check out the video on top to watch how it is being done. As it is using AI, it is analyzing the picture and using its best knowledge to remove the reflection. Some results might not be perfect.

That is it. A simple first look at the HUAWEI P40. I might attempt to survive using the P40 without GMS. Wish me luck.