Watch HUAWEI P40 Series Launch Online Tonight

The HUAWEI P40 Series is slated to launch on 26th March 2020 in Paris, France (tonight at 9pm Singapore time). With COVID-19 around, this event will be “attended” online by media around the world.

You can be part of it too. Here is the link that you can use to watch the event live tonight.

There are so many leaks regarding the P40 Series. Based on the latest leaks, there might be 3 different models of the P40 Series – P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus.

If this is true, the P40 Pro Plus will definitely be the highlight. I am looking forward to seeing if Huawei can make a 10x optical zoom on a smartphone or not.

Without GMS (Google Mobile Service), and with only HMS (Huawei Mobile Service), will Huawei be able to survive? Recent leaks also showed an app (App Search) from Huawei that seems to be able to search for any app that users cannot find on the AppGallery. Will it help to swing people from GMS to the HMS?

Really looking forward to this launch. Mark the time, please.

Watch the Huawei P40 Series event streamed live in Singapore