Wuhan Virus: How to Check Where to Collect Your Free Masks

Good news for those who are trying to get their hands on masks. The Singapore government is going to distribute 4 masks per household regardless of whether you are living in public housing estates (e.g. HDB) or private housing.

Starting from Saturday (1st February 2020), the masks will be distributed at 89 community centres (CC) and 654 residents’ committee centres (RC). In total, 5.2 million masks will be handed out by 9th February.

It seems that there is no stopping of the Novel Coronavirus (Wuhan Virus or 2019-nCov). Singapore reported 13 cases (as of this writing) and all of them are Chinese Nationals from Wuhan. That doesn’t stop Singaporeans from panicking and trying ways to buy the masks.

According to experts, the mask is needed only when people are feeling unwell. If you are collecting these masks, do note the timing: from 1st Feb (from 2pm to 10pm) on Saturday, and 9th Feb (from 10am to 9pm) on Sunday.

If you are clueless where is the nearest CC or RC from your home, check out this link. It will help.


How to Use

You will need to key the address (postal code or Street Name)

Click on “Search” and you will see your CDC (Community Development Council) address.

Click on the icon next to it, you will see the details of your CC or RC.

Please share this with those that you think will benefit from it. BTW, here is how you should wear your mask.

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