Lazada did Not Fulfill My Order, Marshall Out of Stock

Update: Lazada responded. I am happy now.

I did not expect this to happen to me but it did. When 12.12 (12th December 2019) arrived, I rushed to order my favorite products. One of them is the Marshall Stanmore II Voice with Google Assistance because it was at a huge discount.


I love Marshall products especially the home speakers. I was eyeing on one for a long time. Over the long period, I saw the speakers upgraded from Marshall Stanmore to Stanmore II and the recent Stanmore II Voice with Google Assistance.

The usual price for it is SGD789. Here is what was shown on the Lazada website.

On 12.12 at Lazada, it was sold at a steep discount at SGD473.40 (shipping fee at additional SGD1.49). Of course, I ordered it immediately.

A few hours later, on the same day, the status was changed to “Processing” and stated, “Your Package has been packed and is being handed over to a logistics partner.”

At the moment, maybe you would think like this is already a done deal. The only thing is to wait for the delivery, right?

Here are more details on the processing.

Chain of Events

The expected delivery is between 16th December to 20th December 2019 based on the Order Details.

On the 19th December, I received an email from Lazada stating that there might be a delay on the product delivery and Lazada is reaching out to the Seller (which is Marshall Official Store).

20th December came and went with no news. Today (23rd December), I had a bad feeling about it and I am anxious and hoping to get it before Christmas or the worst case, end of the year. I reached out to them via the Chat feature on the Lazada app. Here is my question.

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In case you cannot see:

“Please let me know the delivery date since it has been delayed (XXXXXXXXXXX). thanks.”

And the response.

In case you cannot see:

“Hi, we apologise for the delay! However, we currently do not have stocks for Stanmore II Voice with Google Assistance. We apologise for the inconvience caused, we will proceed to cancel your order. Lazada will be refunding you the money.”

And my response:

“how can you accept the order and cancel now.. and after waiting for so long.. it is meant to be a Christmas present.. “

My thoughts

Before I start, I need to clarify that the speaker is meant to be a Christmas present for the house. And I have already measured and emptied a space for it (just in case you are wondering who I am giving this present to).

I think Marshall Official Store might have run into trouble during the 12.12 event because this offer was there was a period of time (based on my observation). Normally, with such a huge discount, most stores will limit the quantity.

However, to conveniently for Marshall Official Store to say that they have run out of stock for the product and to cancel it so that I can get a refund from Lazada, I think this is totally unprofessional.

Firstly, they should fulfill the order. Secondly, I reach out to them and not the other way. Imagine if I don’t reach out to them today. I will still be waiting for the delivery without any feedback.

And Lazada also did not send me any notification or clarification on that matter. This is really bad for an online shopping platform to lose the trust of a customer. Moreover, I am careful to select the official store to buy the product. During 12.12, there were so many options to purchase the same product with a discount. I chose Lazada because it has a better deal. Now, it seems I am the biggest loser.

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Really disappointed with the outcome. This post is to let others know that if there seems to be a delay, reach out to the seller fast. Don’t wait.

I am still waiting for both Lazada and the seller (Marshall Official Store) to get back to me.