Meet the Reebok x adidas Instapump Fury BOOST Black and White

I have just come back from Japan and bought many things. However, I must say that this pair of shoes is my favorite – Reebok x adidas Instapump Fury BOOST Black and White.

For the uninitiated, Reebok is the subsidiary company of adidas since 2005. Yes, they are from the same family. However, this is the first time that they collaborate and present to the consumer the Reebok x adidas Instapump Fury BOOST series. In this series, they put in their best shoes’ technologies into it – Instapump (Reebok) and BOOST (adidas).

I have seen many Instapump shoes from Reebok before and it looks almost the same as this pair of shoes. To be honest, I am only interested in it after noticing the Reebok and adidas logo on the rubber strap.

It is sold at 24,000 yen (approx. SGD300 depending on the exchange rate). BTW, I just realized I bought the wrong shoe size. I should be wearing UK 8.0 but I think the shop assistant brought out the US 8.0. Anyway, it doesn’t matter as it fits well.

The Reebok x adidas Instapump Fury BOOST consists of 5 colorways and in 3 different packs. I only saw the “OG meets OG” and the “Black and White” in Japan. I did not see the “Prototype” which I think is the hottest amongst them. Unfortunately, from my understanding, Singapore is also not going to get the “Prototype” too.

Based on the release dates, the Reebok x adidas Instapump Fury BOOST Black and White is the latest and last of the pack to be released.

Check out these pictures of the Instapump Fury BOOST Black and White. On first look, it looks like any Instapump shoes from Reebok.

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On close inspection, you will notice the “hints” of the collaboration.

Each pair of shoes has this chain which shows the word “The Pump” and “BOOST” to indicate the two technologies from Reebok and adidas.

From the front, you can see clearly the elastic band with both brands on it.

Here is a picture showing the elastic band and the Instapump and relief valve.

Here is a close up of the elastic band.

And here is the iconic Instapump and the relief valve.

On the back, it shows the “pump x BOOST”.

BTW, the insole shows both brands in it. I am not sure why adidas did not want to use the word “adidas” on it. Instead, it just shows “BOOST”.

Here are various angles of the Black and White

I actually love the sole of the shows. Notice the brown sole?

Underneath the shoes, you can see that it has metallic silver on part of the sole.

Here are a few more pictures.

Based on the dates, Singapore should be selling it already. I have yet to see one. You can read more details about this series of shoes HERE.

Which one do you like?

PS: I am not a sneaker addict. So, some terms might not be accurate. Do let me know if there are mistakes in them.