New Shopee Building Tour and 9.9 Celebration

Thanks to Shopee for the invite to become one of the first to visit the spanning new Shopee Building in Science Park. The building consists of 6 storeys and can house up to 3,000 people.

Credit: Shopee

Check out my Shopee Building Tour video.

Congrats to Shopee on the grand opening witness by Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Heng Swee Keat.

Unfortunately, our visit was scheduled in the afternoon and hence, no chance to take a picture of him. BTW, this big stage is part of Shopee’s cafeteria.

It is amazing to hear the history of Shopee. Started only in 2015 with just 10 people, it is now a strong team of more than 1,000 people and growing (fast). It is also present in 7 markets (in SEA and Taiwan).

Here are the numbers if you are interested.

The main concept of Shopee building is based on these three: Connectivity, Collaboration and Community.

And to do these, they have lots of collaborative spaces, a big cafeteria and other facilities.

This is one side of the cafeteria.

This is another part of it with free flow of drinks.

And this is another side of the cafeteria.

This is the fitness zone.

This is one of the Nap Pods rooms.

This is one of the collaborative spaces.

There are a total of 120 meeting rooms in the 6-storeys building. This is one of the unique ones. If you want to be alone, go inside one of these rooms.

If you have watched Shopee Live, you might be interested to know that they are filmed (for the recent ones) here.

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As they have just shifted in, expect to see a lot of changes in this room.

There are many recreational areas (or fun zones) on the 1st floor.

Are you jealous to see such a lovely workplace? Me too!

BTW, Shopee 9.9 celebration is on-going. Here is some information about the celebration.

Daily 10% cashback and free shipping for a minimum spending of SGD10.

And this year, Shopee has included many local brands. Do check them out.

Shopee has also teamed up with key partners to provide consumers with exclusive deals.

If you are playing Free Fire, you need to check this out. Just by logging in to Shopee daily, you will receive rewards like treasure maps, bounty tokens and etc.

Finally, on the 8th September from 9:30 pm, remember to join Shopee on its countdown to 9.9.

As expected, more deals on the actual day.

And that is not all. Shopee is going to continue to celebrate 10.10, 11.11 (single day) and 12.12 (which is its birthday month).

So, have fun with Shopee.