Singapore Government NOT Giving Away Fitbit Device

If you remembered, I shared this news recently. Although I think I did a pretty good job of not misinterpreting the news, some media might have provided inaccuracies in the content.

Today, I even heard it from my friends that HPB or the Singapore Government is going to provide a free Fitbit device in exchange for the information on your Fitbit.

This is TOTALLY NOT TRUE. As stated clearly in the Press Release provided, Fitbit mentions that only those who commit to their one year Fitbit Premium service will receive a free Fitbit device. And if it is not clear enough, “premium” service means “paying” service.

Participants who enroll in and commit to one year of Fitbit Premium service will receive a Fitbit Inspire HR at no cost. 

I guess the number of people getting the wrong information is huge. Today, I received an email each from the agency representing Fitbit and HPB itself clarifying the situation.

That is why I always insist on copy/paste the official Press Release in case I misinterpret them.

Here is the full text from HPB on this matter. FYI.

Clarification Statement by the Health Promotion Board on Fitbit’s Announcement on 21 August 2019

We refer to Fitbit’s announcement on 21 August 2019 on their collaboration with HPB on a population-based public health initiative in Singapore.

The Health Promotion Board would like to clarify that media reports that suggest that the Singapore government is planning to give away one million free Fitbit devices are not correct. The Health Promotion Board is not giving away any free Fitbit devices. As per the announcement by Fitbit, it is Fitbit who will be giving out free Inspire HR trackers to participants who commit to a 12-month subscription to their Fitbit Premium service which is developed, operated and owned by Fitbit. Programmes managed by the Health Promotion Board, such as Singapore’s National Steps Challenge and Eat Drink Shop Healthy Challenge, continue to be open to all Singaporeans, at no participation cost.

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We would also like to clarify that media reports that suggest that Fitbit had won the contract because 1 million Singaporeans would be participating in the programme are also inaccurate. As we understand, the 1 million is a target Fitbit had set, following the award of the contract to them, as their planned reach of their Live Healthy SG programme.

We would like to reiterate that Fitbit is one of several partners identified through a call for collaboration by the Health Promotion Board for industry partnerships. Any suggestion in the media that no other players have been selected under the call for collaboration is untrue. The Health Promotion Board intends to also work with other industry innovators, beyond Fitbit, on the use of technology to encourage healthy living. Details of any other partnerships will be shared with the media when ready.