Huawei Software Updates to Android Q and EMUI 10

I must say that this might be the most anticipated news since the start of the US/China trade war. Although Huawei is not involved, it seems that they become the bargaining chip during the war.

Yes, my HUAWEI P30 Pro has officially been updated to Android Q (or Android 10) and EMUI 10. If you scout through the months of news about Huawei, you know that this is mighty important for Huawei current users.

There are speculations that Huawei might not be able to update to the latest Android OS. Although the official statement states that Google will continue to support Huawei’s phones, it did not specifically state that it will be upgraded to the next Android OS.

That is why this upgrade is so important for consumers to continue to trust Huawei again.

Check out the full log of the changes here.

Important things to note is the change in UX (user experience) with the Molandi color scheme.

First thing I noticed is that the Dark Mode has shifted to display settings. I have not played fully with the OS yet. Will update with another post again. Cheers!!