Display the Singapore MRT Map in AR with Your EZ-Link Card

Here is a tip on how you can wow your friends or people in the MRT station with this MRT Map in Augmented Reality (AR). Just show your EZ-Link card and the magic will happen in front of you.

There is one person you need to know. His name is Timothi Lim. He is the one that makes this “Magic”. He has made a Facebook Filter that will display the Singapore MRT/LRT System Map when you place your EZ-Link card in the allocated position.

I have made a short video to demo it. Check it out.

Here is the instruction from Timothi.

How does it work?

  1. Open the effect using this facebook effect link – https://www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/…/2417305934959200/
  2. Scan the back of an adult EZ-LINK card as indicated on the screen
  3. If successful, SMRT map pops up and helps you get a quick look of the whole network.
  4. You can use your thumb to resize the map by swiping up and down.
  5. If you tap the map, you’ll lock it in place, which means that you wouldn’t need to hold the ez-link card in front of the phone. Then you can pinch the map with two fingers to resize or move it around with one finger. Tap the map again to unlock it (needs an EZ-Link card)

Kudos to him for making the effort to make this. You might be wondering what are the benefits of using this. I seldom take trains. Here is what he says.

What are some benefits of this AR map?

  • Helpful – especially for those unfamiliar with the SMRT train map or are new to Singapore.
  • Quick – you can quickly access the map anywhere and at anytime, even on the train.
  • Easy to find – no need to walk around the train station to find the full MRT map!
  • Accessible without download – uses the Facebook app, so no app download is needed
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Do take note that only the EZ-Link card with the blue background can work. Have fun and remember to thank Timothi.