Jewel Changi Airport Preview, Superb Rain Vortex

Finally, after fours years in the making, the $1.7 billion Jewel Changi Airport is finally opened to the public. I am glad to get hold of the preview tickets before the official launch next Wednesday (17th April 2019).

This post will be full of pictures and fewer words. But first, check out this video.

When I first got to know about the opening and preview tickets, I was super excited. I thought that the photographs on their website were photoshopped because they were so surreal.

It is only when I was there that I realized that the Jewel Changi Airport is really an out-of-the-world kind of attraction.

It is like you are in an urban jungle but in a temperature controlled environment (which Singapore needs).

Check out these pictures taken with my HUAWEI P30 Pro (not an advert but just because it does the job well).

The highlight is definitely the Rain Vortex. At 40m tall, it is the tallest indoor man-made waterfall.

Rain Vortex

If you notice, Singaporeans or people in Singapore are very excited over Shake Shack. It will be the first store in Singapore. It is not opened yet but will be ready on the 17th April 2019.

And this is the biggest Starbucks in Singapore. If I am not wrong, this is Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar.

There are many other interesting shops in Jewel Changi Airport too. Check out this “Rich & Good Cake Shop”.

Again, more pictures of the Rain Vortex in daylight and at night when the lights are on.

There are many vintage points for you to take pictures of the Rain Vortex. If you have time, go and explore them.

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BTW, there are trains that pass along the Rain Vortex. I am sure the view will be nice. Here are the two train tracks next to the Rain Vortex.

Don’t forget to go to the top. There are many attractions there.

Here is an interesting picture that separate the “urban jungle” from the shopping area.

Most of the attractions are not opened when I was there.

There is a pond on the top floor.

Here is another view from the top.

Here is from the ground floor.

As I mentioned, there are many areas you can watch the Rain Vortex. Check this picture out.

I am sure for the next few months, Jewel Changi Airport will be packed. Congrats on CAG (Changi Airport Group) for the opening of such awesome attraction.

This is definitely worth the wait.