Huawei x Gentle Monster Smart Eyewear

When we thought that everything has been announced in the Huawei P30 Series event, Richard Yu mentioned: “One More Stylish Thing“, which turns up to be eyewear from Gentle Monster.

Did not expect Huawei to partner with Gentle Monster as Gentle Monster does not carry any gadgets currently.

Mr. Hankook Kim, CEO of Gentle Monster, personally went on stage to describe the new eyewear. It is a range of Smart Eyewear that can receive and make calls. Gentle Monster calls this Eyewear Smart which emphasize a lot on the design on the eyewear, and the smart features.

If you follow Tech news, you know that these type of eyewears are getting common recently. However, Gentle Monster’s version is really nice. They look like common eyewear and do not weigh a lot, and most importantly, they still look stylish.

Here are a few of the designs.

The electronics are on the side of the frame. That is why they look bulkier.

Here are the details. According to the information, the eyewear is able to allow clear sound into your ears with its technology. I have not tried it personally.

The Huawei x Gentle Monster Eyewear might be available from July 2019. There is no price information.

After the annoucement, I went to search for them in the demo zone. Here are some shots of them and with me wearing them (please bear with me as I am a fan of Gentle Monster eyewear 🙂 ).

The first one, a pair of sunglasses, is my favorite. It has big lenses and knowing Gentle Monster, the nose bridge area fits perfectly for Asians.

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This is me testing it out and showing you with different angle.

The next one is a gold frame with clear lenses.

How do I look?

This is another design.

They are actually quite classic.

And the last one is also one of my favorites.

A few close ups of the frame.

And if you have Gentle Monster’s eyewear, you should know the design of their casing. For this smart eyewear, it is slightly bulkier and with battery indicator and a USB-C port at the bottom.

Unfortunately, we are not allow to touch it.

Looking forward to July 2019 for the pricing and availability of the Huawei x Gentle Monster eyewear range.