Samsung Introduces the Minimalist Space Monitor

Samsung introduces their latest minimalist monitor, the Samsung Space Monitor, which takes up lesser space and helps to maximize the working area.

With minimalist look as the “in” thing now, the Space Monitor really stands out in terms of design and functionality.

And looking at the specs, it caters for almost anyone. For example, gamers would like the big and bright screen with 144Hz refresh rate.

Office workers will like the minimalist design which really maximize their working space. With its minimalist fully-integrated arm stand, it can be pushed back flat to the wall or extend out when needed.

The Samsung Space Monitor will become available on 25th March 2019; pre-order is available from 7th March 2019. Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are at S$728 for the 27-inch model and S$898 for the 32-inch model.

Check out the Press Release for full specs and other details.

Press Release

Samsung Electronics Offers Minimalist Space Monitor for Modern Workspaces

The Samsung Space Monitor allows users to work more productively – and game, browse and stream more comfortably – by making it easier to focus on what’s on the screen, and not what’s surrounding it.

SINGAPORE – Feb 18, 2019 – Designed to let you reclaim your work space – the Samsung Space Monitor put an end to messy desks and space-hogging screens – once and for all. Occupying minimal desk space and leaving work areas clear when not in use, the Samsung Space Monitor is the ideal solution wherever space is at a premium. The Samsung Space Monitor leverages its sleek design and functionality to allow users to focus on what’s on the screen and not what’s around it.

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Space Innovation

In a side-by-side comparison on a 47.2 inch x 19.7 inch (120cm x 50cm) desk, the Samsung Space Monitor provides up to 40 percent more usable surface area than a conventional monitor of equivalent size – and makes it that much easier to maintain a clean desk.

The Samsung Space Monitor’s unique minimalist fully-integrated arm stand ensures ultimate user productivity with its space saving solution. By having a groove in its stand, user could keep the cables discreetly hidden from view. Nonetheless, the unique design ensures that the ports are easily accessible.

When not in use, the monitor could be pushed back to sit flat against a back wall and leave your entire work surface clear. When it’s time for use, the unique arm stand allows the monitor to be easily tilted or extended from the wall. Besides that, the Zero-Level Height Adjustable Stand feature provides the ultimate versatility for any type of viewing preference. Its adjustment span allows viewing from a height of 8.4 inches (213 mm) above the desktop (27-inch screen) all the way down to surface level, ensuring easy positioning of the screen for optimal comfort and convenience. The ability to lower the monitor so that it rests on your desk is especially handy when working with a laptop, as it enables users to comfortably view both screens on the same level, reducing eye fatigue. The versatile stand also tilts back and forth to provide an optimal viewing angle at any height.

Developed using Samsung technology and tested to withstand thousands of movements1, the Samsung Space Monitor’s arm stand employs a robust hinge that ensures consistent and reliable performance to provide for smooth and precise screen positioning time after time.

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Space Style

Featuring a slim panel that’s bezel-less on three sides, the Samsung Space Monitor’s frame-like form adds an elegant touch to any office – home or otherwise. The combination of stylish and space-saving design cues also makes the monitor an ideal solution for hotel business centres, reception desks, libraries, and anywhere where work space is at a premium.

Space Technology

Beyond aesthetics, the Samsung Space Monitor is a feature-rich, high-performance monitor. Both the 27-inch model’s WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution screen and the 32-inch model’s 4K UHD display offer lifelike, pin-sharp images, as well as ample space for viewing documents and webpages, with less scrolling and zooming. Gamers in particular will appreciate the 27-inch model’s fast 144 Hz refresh rate, which ensures flawlessly smooth visuals for fast-action gaming.

Both models also feature high brightness and support for over one billion shades of color, presenting photos, videos and games in vibrant detail and stunning contrast.

The Samsung Space Monitor will become available on 25th March 2019; pre-order is available from 7th March 2019. Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are at S$728 for the 27-inch model and S$898 for the 32-inch model. For more information, including warranty details, please visit

Key Specifications

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1 Based on internal tests, there is no appreciable mechanical damage after 5000 movements.