Google Top Trending Gadgets and Events in Singapore for 2018

The Top Google Search results in Singapore for 2018 are out. Did you predict them correctly? Do you know which is the top trending gadget and event in Singapore?

Here are the top trending gadgets. Unsurprisingly, most of them are smartphones and Apple took 5 spots out of the 10.

Trending Gadgets

  1. iPhone XS
  2. Samsung Note 9
  3. iPhone XR
  4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  5. Huawei Nova 3i
  6. Google Pixel 3
  7. Apple Watch 4
  8. Oneplus 6
  9. iPhone 9
  10. iPad Pro

Event-wise, it is a surprise for me that the top 2 are all tech-related. Check them out below

Trending Events in Singapore

  1. Comex 2018
  2. IT Show 2018
  3. i Light Marina Bay 2018
  4. Rainforest Lumina
  5. Singapore Night Festival 2018
  6. Prudential Marina Bay Carnival
  7. JJ Lin Concert
  8. F1 2018
  9. Artbox Singapore 2018
  10. Chingay Parade

There are more trending topics in Singapore. For example, Story of Yanxi Palace (延 禧 攻略) tops the Drama list, which again, is not a surprise.

Read the Press Release for more details. But before that, here is the Google – Year in Search 2018, Global edition.

Press Release

Google reveals top trending searches in Singapore for 2018

Politics, sports and Marvel superheroes top the trending list this year  

12 December 2018, Singapore — 2018 was a significant year filled with events that marked a sign of changing times both in Singapore and the rest of the world. Google presents its annual Year in Search 2018 with the top trending topics, people, events and places that captured the attention of Singaporeans and had them turning to Google Search for answers this year.

2018 was a year of change

Keeping up to date with the latest news comes as nothing new to well-informed Singaporeans. In a year filled with events that toppled long-existing conventions, the top trending searches revealed that Singaporeans are greatly interested in current affairs.

Just across our border, Singaporeans paid keen attention to the fiercely contested Malaysia Elections (#2, Trending Searches; #2, Trending International News), which saw the transition of power from    Barisan Nasional(BN) to Pakatan Harapan(PH) for the first time in 60 years of Malaysia’s history. Former prime minister Najib Razak (#4, Trending Searches; #4, Trending International News) also emerged as one of the top trending searches this year.

Back on home ground, other important events made the list including the Trump-Kim Summit (#8, Trending Searches; #1, Trending Singapore News) which saw the first-ever meeting between a sitting US president and a North Korean leader and the ASEAN Summit 2018 (#9, Trending Singapore News) where Singapore played host to nine other ASEAN countries. While further away in the United Kingdom, all eyes were on the much-anticipated royal wedding of the year, where retired American actress Meghan Markle (#9, Trending Searches; #8, Trending International News) married Prince Harry to become the Duchess of Sussex. Singaporeans kept their pulse on these historical moments that ushered a year of change.

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Sports is Singaporeans’ ultimate love

Singaporeans’ interest in football ran high this year, with the FIFA World Cup 2018 taking the #1 spot on the Top Trending Search list this year. Google also created a special search experience for the occasion, allowing legions of football fans to stay updated on the latest scores and match replays. Built directly into Google search, people could access detailed timeline with updates including in-game moments, live images, stats, tweets and more.

Not to be left out, other sporting events that got fans excited included the Australian Open 2018 (#3, Trending Searches; #2, Trending Sporting News), as well as the Commonwealth Games (#9, Trending Sporting News) and Asian Games (#3, Trending Sporting News) where the Singapore teams made the nation proud by claiming a total of 9 and 22 medals respectively.

An ever-growing fascination with tech

Singaporeans love for the latest technology have taken to new heights. With the exception of Apple Watch 4 (#7, Trending Gadgets) and iPad Pro (#10, Trending Gadgets), this year continues to see strong competition and interest in  smartphones, with Apple’s iPhone XS (#1, Trending Gadgets)Samsung Note 9 (#2, Trending Gadgets) and the latest Google Pixel 3 (#6, Trending Gadgets),  emerging among the top trending gadgets over the past year. A slew of revolutionary features combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with software and hardware have been introduced this year, marking a new era of smartphone devices based on voice, motion and touch.

This year, the Singapore Comex 2018 (#1, Trending Events in Singapore) joined the list for the very first time, followed by the IT Show 2018 (#2, Trending Events in Singapore) which moved up a spot from 2017. Both events were the top two trending searched events in Singapore, revealing how Singaporeans are always on a lookout for a good electronics deal both online and offline.

Singaporeans’ love for superheroes 

And the superheroes won yet again! Marvel’s superhero movies continued to dominate the trending movies list this year, occupying a whopping four spots. Populating the Search bar was the much anticipated Black Panther(#7, Trending Searches; #1, Trending Movies) and Avengers: Infinity War (#10, Trending Searches; #2, Trending Movies), along with Deadpool 2 (#3, Trending Movies) and Venom (#5, Trending Movies). Separately, with many left wondering who died and who survived in Avengers: Infinity War, many took to fan-created website Did Thanos kill me? (#3, Trending Viral News) to determine if they were a casualty of the deadliest showdown against the supervillian, Thanos.

A superhero in his own right to many of the Marvel fans around the world, many grieved the passing of legendary American Marvel comics book writer, editor and publisher Stan Lee (#5, Trending Searches) who inspired, connected and entertained the world with his creation of many iconic characters.

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Chinese entertainment overtakes Korean hallyu

While Korean hallyu continues to remain strong in Singapore, Chinese TV entertainment is emerging as an up and coming trend this year. The popular Chinese hit drama Story of Yanxi Palace (延 禧 攻略)(#1, Trending TV Shows) made it to the top of this year’s trending list of TV shows, a spot above Korean drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (#2, Trending TV Shows).  Along with Meteor Garden 2018 (#3, Trending TV Shows), Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (如 懿 传) (#4, Trending TV Shows) and Legend of Fuyao 扶摇 (#9, Trending TV Shows), Chinese dramas occupied a total of four out of ten spots on the list, demonstrating the growing popularity of Chinese entertainment in Singapore.

Angeline Leow, Head of Communications for Google Singapore said, “With one of the most engaged mobile users in the world, and the region’s internet economy set on growing bigger, Search continues to play a big part in the lives of Singaporeans, providing them with the latest news, entertainment and deals online. People come to Google with all kinds of curious questions, some of which have quick answers, while others might be a jumping off point to learn more. From desktop to mobile, typing to voice, we hope Search will continue to be a useful tool to help Singaporeans discover and explore information.”

Year in Search 2018 Singapore

Trending Searches Trending Singapore News Trending International News
  1. World Cup
  2. Malaysia Elections
  3. Australian Open 2018
  4. Najib Razak
  5. Stan Lee
  6. Thai Cave Rescue
  7. Black Panther
  8. Trump-Kim Summit
  9. Meghan Markle
  10. Avengers: Infinity War
  1. Trump-Kim Summit
  2. Crazy Rich Asians
  3. GST Voucher
  4. Polar Bear Inuka
  5. SG Bonus
  6. Daryl Aiden Yow
  7. Budget 2018 Singapore
  8. Ben Davis
  9. ASEAN Summit 2018
  10. habitat by honestbee
  1. World Cup
  2. Malaysia Elections
  3. Australian Open 2018
  4. Najib Razak
  5. Stan Lee
  6. Thai Cave Rescue
  7. Trump-Kim Summit
  8. Meghan Markle
  9. Asian Games
  10. Avicii
Trending TV Shows Trending Movies Trending Travel Itineraries
  1. Story of Yanxi Palace (延 禧 攻略)
  2. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
  3. Meteor Garden 2018
  4. Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (如 懿 传)
  5. Korean Odyssey
  6. My ID is Gangnam Beauty
  7. Profess Your Love (Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu)
  8. Unwilling Willing Lover (Kekasih Paksa Rela)
  9. Legend of Fuyao 扶摇
  10. I Am Not a Robot
  1. Black Panther
  2. Avengers: Infinity War
  3. Deadpool 2
  4. Crazy Rich Asians
  5. Venom
  6. The Greatest Showman
  7. The Nun
  8. A Quiet Place
  9. Bohemian Rhapsody
  10. Jurassic World
  1. Taiwan
  2. Osaka
  3. Khao Yai
  4. Hokkaido
  5. Korea
  6. Taipei
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Tokyo
  9. Perth
  10. Melbourne
Trending Events in Singapore Trending Gadgets Trending Korean TV Shows  
  1. Comex 2018
  2. IT Show 2018
  3. i Light Marina Bay 2018
  4. Rainforest Lumina
  5. Singapore Night Festival 2018
  6. Prudential Marina Bay Carnival
  7. JJ Lin Concert
  8. F1 2018
  9. Artbox Singapore 2018
  10. Chingay Parade
  1. iPhone XS
  2. Samsung Note 9
  3. iPhone XR
  4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  5. Huawei Nova 3i
  6. Google Pixel 3
  7. Apple Watch 4
  8. Oneplus 6
  9. iPhone 9
  10. iPad Pro
  1. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
  2. Korean Odyssey
  3. My ID is Gangnam Beauty
  4. I Am Not A Robot
  5. Radio Romance
  6. Terius Behind Me
  7. 100 Days My Prince
  8. The Great Producer
  9. Hwayugi
  10. Suits
Trending Farewells Trending Sporting News Trending Adulting Tips
  1. Stan Lee
  2. Avicii
  3. Anthony Bourdain
  4. Stephen Hawking
  5. Sridevi
  6. Kate Spade
  7. Yammie Lam
  8. Mac Miller
  9. Polar Bear Inuka
  10. Aretha Franklin
  1. World Cup
  2. Australian Open 2018
  3. Asian Games
  4. Indian Premier League
  5. Alexis Sánchez
  6. Wimbledon
  7. US Open Tennis
  8. French Open
  9. Commonwealth Games
  10. Asia Cup
  1. How to file for income tax
  2. How to get pregnant
  3. How to write a resume
  4. How to write a cover letter
  5. How to write a resignation letter
  6. How to get rid of ants
  7. How to find gradient
  8. How to write a cheque
  9. How to reject a  job offer
  10. How to compress a PDF
Trending Viral News  
  1. Yanny Laurel
  2. Ksi vs. Logan Paul
  3. Did Thanos kill me?
  4. Kiki Challenge
  5. Baby Shark
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