HUAWEI Mate20 X Might Be Coming to Singapore

Huawei might be bringing in the HUAWEI Mate20 X after all. Despite the official announcement stating that Singapore will not be getting it, many fans in Singapore are still asking about it.

This massive phone seems like a hot favorite. Recently, I got to know that Huawei might have the intention to bring it to Singapore. And yesterday, on Huawei’s Facebook page, it posted a poster with “SOMETHING BIGGER IS COMING”.

My speculation is, of course, the Mate20 X. And on their description, it says:

Think bigger, think better, think smarter.

A grand surprise is coming your way on Monday so stay tuned for more exciting news!

Hopefully, I can get the official news on Monday. If you want to know more about the 7.2-inch, 5,000mAh capacity HUAWEI Mate20 X, check out my post.

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I guess some will be very upset by the news (if it is true). As it was officially announced that Singapore will not be getting the Mate20 X, some might have bought the Mate20 or Mate20 Pro. Now, if Mate20 X is available, I am sure they will “jump”.

According to my understanding, the pricing might be between the Mate20 and Mate20 Pro. Please wait for the official announcement.