Limited Edition Trump Kim Summit Medallion has Arrived

When Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un agreed to come to Singapore for the Trump Kim Summit, many businesses were cracking their head to sell products related to it. One of them, which I think did an excellent job, is the Singapore Mint.

Even before the summit starts, they were taking orders on a limited edition medallion featuring the iconic handshake. I am not a medallion collector but because this summit is so iconic that it will be remembered years after it, I decided to pre-order it.

Finally, it is here, more than 2 months after the event. Here is the “unboxing” video, although there isn’t much to unbox.

Here is the design on the back.

Every medallion will come with a card with a unique number.

Here is the description of the Medallion

The obverse design of the medallion features an affirmative handshake between the two leaders and the national flags of both countries. North Korea’s national flag is depicted on the left, while the United States’ national flag is depicted on the right, aptly representing both countries’ position on the political spectrum. The significant summit date, 12.06.18, and the text ‘Summit in Singapore’ is also minted on the obverse of the medallion.

The reverse of the medallion features a dove. A universal symbol of peace, the dove highlights the significance of the summit which is a historic step towards world peace. The national flowers of the United States and North Korea, Rose and Magnolia sieboldii, are respectively featured on the medallion, interlaced with each other and in vibrant colours.

If you are interested, check out the tooling process on how these medallions are made.

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