Samsung Officially Announces Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Home

Today, Samsung announces the Samsung Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy Home. In my opinion, the Galaxy Home seems to be the only one that is new. The rest of the products are just upgrades.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

The Note9 has a bigger screen now, at 6.4-inch.

And the S Pen gets “smarter” with its integration of Bluetooth in it. Now, you can use S Pen to trigger the camera, click through a presentation and more. My only thought is that the battery only last 30 mins (based on the presentation). Thankfully, it can be charged fully within a minute when you put it back to the slot in the Note9.

The battery for the Galaxy Note9 has been bumped up to 4,000mAh. So, you can expect your Note9 to last through the day easily.

With Note9, using DeX Desktop mode is super easy. There is no need to get a DeX station. You just need to have the HDMI adapter and plug it directly to the display.

And as with many companies, AI was mentioned. Samsung has integrated AI into their photography. They called it the Intelligent Camera. So, if you have taken a bad shot, the camera will notify you. And the camera will optimize the settings according to the shooting conditions.

And now the Galaxy Note9 comes with 512GB variant. With its MicroSD card slot, it can actually go up to 1 TB of storage memory. That is really a lot.

There are a few more things that were not mentioned here. I think this video of the Note9 introduction speaks it all.

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Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch now comes with LTE and that means you can bring it out without your phone.

Like Apple Watch, you will need carriers around the World to support it. Currently, there are 15+ countries with 30+ carriers supporting the new Galaxy Watch.

And great news for those who hate to charge their smartwatch daily. The Samsung Galaxy Watch can last a few days on one charge, thanks to an optimized processor.

Check Out the Galaxy Watch Here

And that is not all from Samsung at this Galaxy UNPACKED event. There is one more thing.

Galaxy Home

The Galaxy Home is a powerful speaker with Bixby built in. There isn’t a lot of details and according to the information during the event, more will be revealed at Samsung Developer Conference.

And that is it. There are other things that I did not go into details like Samsung partnership with Spotify.

In my opinion, most of the features on the Note9 and Galaxy Watch are upgrades from the previous versions. And the Galaxy Home is just like Google Home except that it uses Bixby.

It is still too early to judge. Let’s wait for the official announcement for Singapore. I am sure you will be very interested in the pricing and availability.

Let me know what is your thoughts.