Huawei P20 Pro Added Auto Detect on Super Slo-Mo Mode (Video)

Finally, Huawei has updated the firmware of the P20 Pro to incorporate a much-needed feature, the auto-detect in Super Slo-Mo Mode (960 fps).

The current firmware is now CLT-L29 (C432). It may defer from different regions.

If you have used the Super Slo-Mo before, you will know the “pain” of a perfect capture. You either have to time your recording perfectly or you may have to have some luck to capture it nicely.

Here is a video that I captured using the Super Slo-Mo without the auto-detection feature. It took me so many takes to get a good one.

With the auto detect, you just need to wait for the subject to be inside the frame to do the magic. With just 0.2 secs (for 6 secs of slo-mo footage), it is a much-needed feature. Thank you, Huawei, for listening to the users’ feedback.

PS: I believe Huawei P20 should also get similar EMUI update. Please check and let me know, ok?

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