ICQ is Back and with More Features than Ever

If you are feeling nostalgia about ICQ, don’t. ICQ is back and with more features! For those who still remember ICQ (which is supposed to mean “I Seek You”) way back from 1996, you will know that it is the “modern” means (at that time) to communicate with friends, new friends, strangers on the Internet.

With the new ICQ, it has all the modern features that you can imagine chatting apps should have. For example, it has stickers, group chat, free call (to ICQ users), video call, file transfers (up to 4GB) and etc.

And it has more. It can send free SMS text to your contact who does not use ICQ. I can imagine using it when I am overseas to those who don’t use any messaging app.

In my olden world when IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is the common platform to chat, the introduction of ICQ in the 90s is really out of the box experience. You can easily chat with friends or go to another room (Live Chat) that has thousands of participants. They can be open groups or group with moderators who can do things if you are not “in line” with their regulations.

With the new ICQ, it is bringing back these old memories. This is something, I believe, most chatting apps are trying to achieve.

And with the new ICQ, you can easily log in with your phone number, email (if you have registered) or UIN (or ICQ number).

Medium has written a new entry on the new ICQ. Go and read it.

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If not, click the link below to start your ICQ journey 🙂 .

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