First Singaporean in Space on 15th May 2018 (video)

Update: The event has been postponed due to strong wind.

In less than 2 days, a Singaporean will be touching beyond the edge of space and hence, becomes the first Singaporean to be in space. This event will take place in Alice Springs, Australia on the 15th May 2018, thanks to the undying passion of this one person, Marvyn Lim Seng.

Here is what will happen. It might seem simple but it is not. Currently, the identity of this Singaporean is still not known.

Technically, this person is not going to do a moonwalk in Space. In fact, he or she will be inside a capsule taken up by a hot air balloon. This concept is not new. Similar ways to reach space have been done over the years. Check out this project by Red Bull.

This Singaporean will be doing similar one on the 15th May. Here is the intro of this project.

Check out this video of the candidates and their training process.

I guess the fittest will be sent up. When I read the story at Mothership, I was quite surprised that this did not come under my “radar”. It is still not too late.

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or if you want, go to GoSpace to check out all the details.

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Good luck to the team!!