Google Home Launched in Singapore, Here’s How You Can Get Them (video)

Thanks to Google for the invite, I attended the launch of Google Home and Google Home Mini in Singapore yesterday, together with many social influencers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers. It was a super relaxed event and I guess that is what Google Home series is all about. They are integrated into the home and can help to simplify daily tasks.

Before going into the details of the event, here is how you can get the Google Home series. From 20th April (tomorrow), the Google Home (S$189) and Google Home Mini (S$79) will be available in many places in Singapore. You can actually now go to the Google Store to get yours now (and dispatch by 20th April).

Singapore Google Store

Yes, you hear it right. Finally, there is something you can buy from the Singapore Google Store. Previously, the items were fulfilled by other online portals. Now, they are truly from Google and manned by Google Singapore. Here is the official Singapore Google Store URL

If you remember, Pixel 2 XL is exclusive to Singtel and Google WiFi is exclusive to StarHub. Now you can get these devices from the Google Store now. There are a total of 5 “Made By Google” family of hardware in the store right now.

Courts Offer

COURTS has announced the following offers:

One-day only launch offer on 20 April 2018: A free Google Chromecast worth $$65 for the first 100 customers who purchase Google Home at the flagship COURTS Megastore at Tampines. Shoppers who add on the Google Home Mini on top of this purchase will also receive a S$30 Google Play card.

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From 20 April to 30 June 2018, other promotional deals include:

  • A free Google Home worth S$189 with purchase of single TV set at S$2,000 and above
  • A free Google Home Mini worth S$79 and a free Google Home worth S$189 with purchase of any laptop above S$899 and above S$1,999 respectively
  • A Google Home and Google Home Mini will be gifted to customers with minimum purchase of S$999 and above over a 48-month term on COURTS FlexiPlans.

The Event

Ok, back to the event. It was held in a cozy house at 97 Emerald Hill Road. The Google team has done a lot of effort to transform it into a Google Home and Home Mini playground (with Chromecast on every TV set). Here is the layout of the house.

You can see that there are many rooms, Fun Room, Bedroom, Family Room, Study Room and Roof Terrace. I actually like the roof terrace the most. I also love this Google logo at the entrance where many influencers are taking pictures with it as the background.

Next, all the snacks are related to the products. Look at this Macarons. What do they remind you of?

And these “Ang Ku Kueh” or “Red Tortoise Cake”, a type of Chinese pastry. They are in the Google colors.

Eh.. I do not know what this is but it is in the shape of the Google Home.

Even the calendars are part of the decoration.

Here is a short video on some of the rooms where demonstrations of the Google Home or Home Mini were provided.

In some of the demo, you can ask Google Home to turn on or off a light or a fan. Or you can listen to your favorite music by speaking to it. So, you can imagine how many “Hey Google” or “Hi Google” we hear during the event.

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This is from the fun room. Unfortunately, because of poor WiFi connection, we could not complete the demo. This shows the importance of WiFi signal when using Google Home or Home Mini.

And here is part of the Roof Terrace.

And there is even someone serving drinks on the roof terrace.

Overall, I really love the relaxed ambiance of this event. More importantly, congrats to Google in launching the Google Home and Home Mini in Singapore. I am sure many tech-savvy people in Singapore will love you guys to death.

Personally, I love the texture of the Home series. They can complement most homes easily. Love it.

And here is a tip before I end this post. The coral (or orange) color for Google Home Mini is exclusive to the Singapore Google Store. You will not get this color anywhere else. If you love the coral color, get it online at the Google Store. Delivery is free!

Let me know what else you want to know about the Google Home series.