The Motorized Minimalist Looking Omnidesk by Aftershock PC

If you need a table that is adjustable, customizable, has clutter-free look and fits your budget, have a look at the Omnidesk. From Aftershock PC, I am sure with their expertise in gaming PC and laptops, this Omnidesk will fit the bill of gamers and those who love minimalist look.

I guess the keywords for this Ominidesk are customizable, motorized, minimalist look and affordable. Starting from S$630, you can be sure that the end results are what you always wanted. You can start going to this website ( to customize it now.

Read the Press Release for more information.

Press Release

One Desk To Rule Them All

The height-adjustable Omnidesk nails that perfect standing or sitting position while uncluttering the desk with cable trays, USB ports, monitor arms and mounted speakers

Singapore, 9 March 2018 – Homegrown Aftershock PC is best known for its highly customisable laptops and desktops, where users can choose individual components to meet their very specific needs. The founders of Aftershock PC are now bringing the same winning formula to the table top with the launch of Omnidesk.

The Omnidesk is a motorised, height-adjustable desk, that is fully customisable for work and play. Start with selecting the size and shape of your desk. Then choose the finish: from gorgeous solid bamboo wood, to spill-resistant laminate, or even a signature mouse-mat texture coating, which lets you use an optical mouse directly on its surface, without the need for a mousepad. All desks are height-adjustable at the push of a button through a silent, built-in motor. You can save up to four pre-set heights to memory, so that you can easily set the desk to your preferred height for work, gaming, or Netflix-watching, without having to manually readjust it every time.

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That’s not all. There are also many desktop management options for you to create the ultimate workspace of your dreams. Mounted speakers, built-in dual-monitor arms, and attachable computer case help create a minimalist, uncluttered workspace. Untangle your workspace with under-table cable trays and built-in USB charging hubs that can let you charge multiple tablets and phones at the same time.

Other miscellaneous add-ons help modify the desk for more specific uses. For example, attachable privacy partitions let you create couple spaces, or even set up a modern office. To please your inner gamer, surround your desk with remote-controlled LED ambience lights, to set the mood for an overnight session of Overwatch or DOTA 2.

The Omnidesk isn’t just a looker. Its steel legs are sturdy enough to withstand up to 130kg, and its strong steel frame evenly distributes the load to prevent bending or toppling. All steel parts are also resistant to dust, static, and moisture, adding to the long-term durability of the desk.

Marcus Wee, co-founder of Omnidesk said “We want to revolutionise the way people choose their desks and let them construct their personal work and play space as if they were building an Aftershock PC from ground up.”

The best thing is that you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. The Omnidesk starts at just S$630, which is half of what you would normally find elsewhere.

To start custom-building your personal work and play space, go to: