Segway Loomo Met Indiegogo Goal within Hours After Launch (Video)

I did not expect the Segway Loomo, a mini-transporter cum robot, can achieve the Indiegogo target within 2 hours. With initial perks of 45% discount (USD999) for the first 100 supporters, it was quickly snapped up.

It is interesting that Segway uses a crowd-funding platform to promote Loomo. Check out the intro video.

If you are in Asia, you are out of luck. Segway is not shipping to Asia countries. In fact, at start, Segway only deliver to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and selected EU countries (Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, and Portugal).

If you are still interested, you can still get it at USD1,299 (limited to 200 units only).

Click Here to Check Out Segway Loomo at Indiegogo

I believe this is the start of smart transporters. With the promise of OTA to improve the functions, I can only think that Loomo will become more useful and cleverer.

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