1,218 Drones Light Up the Sky at Winter Olympics 2018 (video)

The Winter Olympics 2018 has started. One of the highlights in this edition is not the sports men or women. It is the 1,218 Intel Shooting Star drones that dance in synchronizing in the air during a recorded session at the opening ceremony.

It seems that Intel drones are everywhere. From CES 2018 to Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) 2017, they have graced these events. This time, the scale of the performance is enormous. A total of 1,218 drones went up in the sky at the same time in perfect synchronization to display some of the unique references to Winter Olympics.

Check out the video below.

Kudos to the team that pulled through this performance. I can imagine the technical difficulties when it comes to flying so many drones at the same time.

It actually breaks the record of the most number of unmanned aerial vehicles airborne simultaneously. From my understanding, the highest number that flew together was 500 before this event.


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