Year-in-Review 2017 (video)

It is the time of the year again when everyone reflects on what they have done for the year and setting new resolutions towards the next. It has been an amazing year for TechieLobang.

In 2017, here are the 3 things that are major milestones with TechieLobang: –

  • Revamping TechieLobang’s website – It is not an easy decision but I am glad I have done that. And because of some recent attacks on the site, it was out of Google’s “radar” aka search engine. Now it is back.
  • Being awarded the Best Personal Brand 2017 award as a Tech Blogger – As someone who started the blog to share information from 2007, it means a lot to me. It makes me reflect on the things I have done. Many of them take me out of my comfort zone. The best experiences I have are engaging people, brands and doing what I love most, getting my hands on the latest products to understand the design concept behind them.
  • Doing more – This is actually the most difficult as I have only 24-hrs each day. In the last few months, I have attended more events, flew to China and Germany for events.

Over the past few days, I went through a lot of my folders and videos to come out with the Year-in-Review video. Many of the videos are not posted before. Check it out.

These are events that I attended or things that matter most to me. There are actually so many more events that I have rejected or did not respond. If you are one of them, I am sorry.

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If I were to summarize the trend in tech in 2017 and beyond, here are three of them:

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) – It is going to be bigger in the next couple of years. Even smartphones are now AI-enabled.
  • Driverless transport and robots – They will replace human with the use of technology in the next couple of years (check out this robot and this transport drone).
  • Smart Phones replacing Compact cameras – by the next few years, smart phones will get smarter. Their cameras will also get better. It will be difficult to differentiate if you are carrying a camera with phone function or a phone with compact or DSLR camera quality.

Moving forward, I will continue to push myself out of my comfort zone. And of course, still be selective on going to events.

For the readers, I will try my best to provide the best Giveaways. If you are a brand or PR, let’s discuss and collaborate.

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Thank you, everyone!!

Have a Happy and Joyous New Year

Welcome 2018… bring it on..



Signing off…

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Founder, TechieLobang

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