The Making of Changi Airport T4 (Video)

Changi Airport Terminal 4 (T4) is officially opened on 31st October 2017. I have seen countless videos of the beautiful T4. However, I am more interested in how it was made. I remembered vividly (sadly, not good experiences) the old budget terminal that was demolished to give way to this new Terminal. In my opinion, it is a very good move.

Check out this video from Changi Airport YouTube channel showing the people behind the airport who had work relentless for the past few years to make T4 a reality.

For the uninitiated, Changi Airport T4 has a minimum human intervention. From the moment you step into the airport to the boarding room, everything is automated.

Of course, there are still humans around to help you if you encounter trouble. The beauty of this automation process is to reduce the manpower and enhance the overall efficiency of the airport. This small terminal (compared to the other three terminals) can handle 70% of the load from T3. Amazing, isn’t it?

I am so looking forward to the opening of the Jewel and the future T5. Congrats to Changi Airport for being an amazing airport and for being so forward-thinking in their planning.