Have You Registered to MyInfo? (Video)

If you are tired and sick of entering your details on Government-related website, MyInfo might be the solution for you. MyInfo performs auto form-filling and removes the need for paper verification for selected e-services, making your online Government transactions faster and easier.

Not sure what MyInfo is? Check out this video.

To sign up for MyInfo, just go to www.myinfo.gov.sg and follow with the sign-up process. It is actually very simple.

After the sign-up, you will be greeted with this page.

I know some of you are not comfortable to provide so much information. There is no obligation to sign up. In my opinion, this is like Visa Checkout service. Everything will be filled up automatically.

Here is a quote from Jeremy Soo, Head of Consumer Banking Group (Singapore) at DBS Bank / 星展银行新加坡消费银行部董事总经理兼主管苏孝进

“We’ve seen healthy growth in MyInfo applications across all our DBS/POSB deposit accounts since its launch. MyInfo is proving to be a very versatile and powerful authentication tool. It’s fast, safe and convenient. Customers no longer need to submit their documents to apply for accounts. The move towards the safe standardisation of information access in Singapore, means that Singaporeans will be able to access services across government and private sectors efficiently and securely – taking us one step closer to our vision of a Smart Nation.

We see great potential in MyInfo’s ability to deliver consistent and fast digital authentication. For example, using MyInfo, we are exploring ways to drastically shorten the length of time a new-to-bank customer is given access to full banking facilities from the moment they apply online for a deposit account.”

So, head down to MyInfo website to sign up when you are ready.

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