First Look at Single Edge Razor 2.0 (video)

Check out this Single Edge Razor 2.0 from Supply. It is a Kickstarter project that I supported and I am so glad to receive it today. Super excited to try it out and test the effectiveness.

This Razor 2.0 has a very minimalist look, which I like. It is very heavy. According to the instruction video, the weight is enough to guide the blade through your skin to have a close shave.

The knurled nut is actually used to secure different adapters for different shaving needs – Mild, Standard and Aggressive. You will need to replace the adapters according to your needs. I did not need these different adapters. Therefore did not include them in my Kickstarter’s pledge.

And here is another angle to show you the blade (btw, the dummy blade in red comes with it during shipment).

With Razor 2.0, there is no need to manually take out the single blade for replacement. The product comes with 20-piece single blades in a convenient cartridge.

This cartridge has a “key” where you can insert it into the Razor 2.0. It is for the installation of the single blade into the razor.

It may look complicated. It is actually quite easy to use.

Here is how it looks like with the key inserted into the razor.

I have done a short video. Do check it out below.

As mentioned, I supported it on Kickstarter’s platform. It has since ended. Now, you can purchase it on Indiegogo.

Check Out the Single Blade Razor 2.0 on Indiegogo

PS: At USD69 for a single blade razor, it is not cheap. On Indiegogo, it is more expensive.