Shopee’s Housewarming Party (video)

Thanks to Shopee Singapore for the warm invite to their new office at Science Park. And most importantly, to know more about Shopee and their upcoming events.

Mr. Zhou Junjie, Country Head for Shopee Singapore

Without further ado, here is a short 1 minute tour of the Shopee Singapore Office

What is most interesting is the Napping and the Massage Room (with in-house masseur). I wonder how many employees have actually used them.

Here is some information about Shopee that you might not know. These Powerpoint Presentation slides are taken using my camera.

Milestone of Shopee

Shopee Mall

I did not realize that there is a Shopee Mall within the app. Love the free shipping.

Some products from Shopee Mall.

Brands on Shopee Mall

Invest in People

What is heartening is that although you may know Shopee as an online shopping portal, it is investing in its people. I like the mentorship programmes. If you like this kind of working environment, do check out for their

PS: If you like this kind of working environment, do check out for their openings 🙂 .

Building a Team

Building a team is never easy. Building a strong team is even harder. The Management at Shopee understands that.

Congrats to Shopee on their new office and allowing us to understand more about Shopee. For your information those who did not know, Shopee is organizing a Shopee 9.9 celebration on the 9th September. Some products are going at 90% discount.

Click Here to Check Out the Shopee 9.9 Event