Orion Anti-Drone Weapon Designed in Singapore (video)

I bet you have never heard of TRD Consultancy Pte Ltd even though it has been around in Singapore for 8 years. I bet you might have searched for anti-drone weapons but have not come across the Orion Anti-Drone System. You are not alone.


What I love about CommunicAsia is that I can find always new gadgets or technology in the market, and talk to the business owners. Today is the first day of CommunicAsia 2017 and I am glad to stop by the booth managed by TRD Consultancy Pte Ltd.

You see, they are not the typical consultancy company. They are the producer of the Anti-Drone System. And not surprisingly, most of their businesses are outside Singapore. Check out this drone slayer. It is actually not so heavy. However, you will need to carry a 14kg backpack with it. Nevertheless, from my understanding, it is still one of the most compact systems in the market.


With drones getting more popular, I believe that this anti-drone business will be in high demand over the next few years. TRD Consultancy provides anti-drone turnkey solutions to governments, security businesses and etc. Their anti-drone system is based on these 4 concepts: Deter, Detect, Defeat and Determine.


One of the features of their product is the ability to jam a swarm of drones. In standard anti-drone weapons that I have seen or heard, it is usually one drone at a time. For the Orion Anti-Drone System, they are able to have an all-round jamming coverage.


During the short talk with Sam Ong, the Managing Director of TRD Consultancy Pte Ltd, he showed me another feature which I am really impressed. The system can trace back to the person operating the drone. It is able to detect, recognize and locate the type of drones and the drone operators.

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So, don’t think that you can operate a drone a few kilometers away and not get detected. Here is a short video of the booth.

This Orion Anti-Drone System is designed in Singapore and selected components of the system are from other parts of the world. If you happened to visit CommunicAsia these few days, do pay the booth a visit.