What is inside the Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Box (video)

Just bought the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the Gear 360 (2017). Have not really tried it out but I thought many might want to see how it looks like on an Asian hand. Is it really that small? Check it out.


It is smaller but heavier than I thought. I like the overall design, especially the handle. However, when I take videos or pictures with it, my big fat fingers will be the limelight as it stitches around that handle area. Quality-wise, as compared to my LG 360 Cam, this Gear 360 is much better and can take 4K video. I suggest using a tripod or extender when taking video with the Gear 360. It will be more interesting.

Do not expect it to be as crisp as a 4K camera. You have to be realistic. It is using 2 lenses that stretch beyond 180 degrees angles and stitches the pictures together. The sensor for each lens is just above 8 MegaPixels. As compared to the first version, this is actually lower. Nevertheless, the end results seem better.

Check out my unboxing experience.