DJI to Announce DJI Spark on 24 May 2017?

Just saw the short video, “DJI – Seize The Moment – May 24, 2017“, from DJI. In the video, which shows nothing about the product, a few people were seen taking out a device/gadget from a small pack and in one scene, it seems that this device can fly out from the hand. And on another scene, this guy is saying “no.. it flies!”.


If the leaks are correct, DJI might be showcasing the DJI Spark, a mini drone that has the goodness of other DJI drones, like stabilizer and etc. But before showing the video of the suspected DJI Spark, here is the official video from DJI about the event.

You can watch the event “live” on 24th May 2017 at 11:30 am EDT from this site.

Looking forward to seeing what DJI is up to. So far, I am loving all DJI’s products. Ok, here is the supposed video of DJI Spark. Please take it with a pinch of salt.

Some people already started posting hates about the new product even though it has not been announced or launched yet. Hello, people.

BTW, DJI apparently has obtained the trademark for the word SPARK. In my opinion, DJI has conquered the world with their commercial drones and even the hobbyist drone (like the Mavic Pro), it is about time to snatch the market for selfie or wefie drones that have been saturating the market. Most of them cannot “make it”. Hopefully, DJI can price the new product at a sweet point.

Have fun waiting for the announcement.

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