Singapore is Third Most Expensive Country Selling Samsung S8

Based on the research by Flipit Singapore, people living in Singapore will have to fork out more to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8. We are the third most expensive country out of the seven countries surveyed (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Singapore and South Korea) to purchase a 64GB Galaxy S8.  Surprisingly, the most expensive country to buy an S8 is the originating country of Galaxy S8, Korea.


Here are the interesting points after summarizing the research data (copied from the information provided by Flipit Singapore: –

  • The third most expensive country selling the Samsung S8 is Singapore, being the average price $822, with South Korea being the most expensive at $843. This is a price different of $21.
  • The average monthly income in Singapore is, approximately, $3.470. This means that Singaporeans need to spend 23.70% of their monthly income if they want to buy the new mobile phone. It is the lowest monthly income percentage for all the countries which are part of the research.
  • According to their monthly average salary and the average retail price for the mobile phone, Singaporeans need to work for 7 days in order to afford the Samsung S8. This is the lowest amount, with Indonesians having to work the longest (160 days) to buy a Samsung S8.

Additional information

*3 online retailers have been chosen per country to get the average retail price of the Samsung S8

*Shipping costs are excluded in the price.

*Average monthly income (2015) source:

*We have taken the following information: the average Samsung S8 price per country, the average monthly income per country, percentage of wage a person needs to buy the mobile and the number of days a person needs to work to buy the phone.

*All currency conversions are done via Google Finance (The exchange rate fluctuates)

* Research has been done for Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB

*Note: The 3 online retailers selected in Singapore for this research have been: Lazada, Qoo10 and Ebay.

What is your take? Agree or disagree?

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